ETHICORE Political Lobbying mourns the passing of Moloantoa Sidwell Medupe – Spokesperson for the South African Ministry and Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

It with sadness that ETHICORE mourns the loss of Moloantoa Sidwell Medupe, spokesperson for the Minister and Department of Trade, Industry and Competition. 

Our firm expresses our heartfelt condolences to Sidwell’s family and his colleagues in the Ministry, Department, the entities under the Trade, Industry and Competition portfolio and the South African Government as a whole, during this time of bereavement. Sidwell was an esteemed professional public servant and government communicator, who consistently handled his interaction and liaison with our firm and for the purposes our clients, with distinction and courteousness. We have had the pleasure of working with Sidwell not only in current 6th democratic administration and the Ministry and Department in its current configuration, but in previous administrations and their respective ministers too.

Sidwell’s passing leaves a significant void, at a critical time when public communication on South Africa’s economic recovery and management of the COVID-19 pandemic is vital, and for which the Ministry and Department of Trade, Industry and Competition is central to Government’s package of measures and interventions. Equally so, Sidwell has left an exemplary legacy for his successor to emulate and continue upholding.

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