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About Africa GX

Africa Government Xchange

Africa GX is the only quality multi-country government affairs collective of its kind dedicated to Africa, founded and exclusively convened by ETHICORE Political Lobbying.

ETHICORE Political Lobbying is an independent African government affairs firm headquartered in South Africa and operating across Africa, as well as globally through strategic international alliances.

Africa GX is present and operates in key jurisdictions in Sub-Saharan, Francophone, Anglophone, Lusophone and North Africa.

Our Expertise

What we are good at

Africa GX country offices comprise government affairs professionals and experts who are highly regarded and recognised for their track-record of leadership and performance excellence in supporting and representing client in engagement with public and elected representatives, public officials, regulators and political parties, as well governmental and political processes.

Our practitioners are trained and experienced experts in the public policy, legislative, regulatory, Governmental, Parliamentary and political processes in the African jurisdictions in which they operate.

Our practitioners and experts are proficient in:

Public Affairs, Advocacy and Lobbying

Stakeholder Management

Policy and political issues management

Government Relations and Political ?capital? and brand building

Government facilitation, representation and liaison

Public policy, legislative and regulatory intelligence and analysis

Market entry, expansion and transaction advisory services

Public affairs campaign development, management and execution

Industry affairs and association management

Political and country risk analysis

Ethics and Quality Standards

Africa GX country offices are unified in subscribing and adhering to the highest degrees of professional integrity, ethics and values. Quality assurance and service excellence is underpinned by a shared standard of professionalism and forward-thinking.


Our Services

What we are all about

Africa GX provides clients in Africa and abroad, with professional government affairs expertise, insights and strategic counsel in single or multiple African countries. In each of these African markets, Africa GX services clients through leveraging bespoke local intelligence to intimately understand, navigate, interface with and influence public policy, legislative, regulatory and political agendas, decisions and processes.

  1. Intelligence
  2. Advocacy and Lobbying
  3. Parliamentary and Legislative Affairs
  4. Government Affairs and Engagement Training
  5. Market Entry and Investment Advisory
  6. Country and Political Risk
  7. Strategy and Strategic Counsel
  8. Association and Industry Affairs Management
  9. Political Communications
  10. Content and Collateral Development

Our Approach

Africa GX recognises and understands the diversity

Complexity and dynamic nature of governmental and political processes and issues on the African continent.

Africa GX provides a single window through which to service clients? government affairs requirements within and between African countries.

Navigating and engaging with this, requires government affairs expertise and capability of high pedigree and experience, which is in tune with, sensitive to and appropriate for local political, economic, developmental, demographic and socio-cultural contexts.

Equity House, 2nd Floor, Suite 2B, 107 St George’s Mall, Cape Town, 8001
+27(0)21 424 1443/3125

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Head Office

Africa GX is present and operates in key jurisdictions in Sub-Saharan, Francophone, Anglophone, Lusophone and North Africa.

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