Cape Town and Amman – 13 September 2022: Award winning pan African public policy, government relations and public affairs firm, ETHICORE Political Lobbying (“ETHICORE”) and Jordanian founded strategic communications and public relations firm Bashir Mraish Consultancy (“BMC”), have formed a strategic alliance entering into a regional Africa-Levant partnership agreement.

This partnership establishes a compelling integrated public affairs and strategic communications offering in the Africa-Levant marketplace. The first of its kind between an African and Jordanian originating firm.

Bashir Mraish (Founder & CEO of BMC) and Abdul Waheed Patel (CEO of ETHICORE)
From left to right: Bashir Mraish (Founder & CEO of BMC) and Abdul Waheed Patel (CEO of ETHICORE)

ETHICORE – winner of the Political Influencer Category Award at the 2020 Africa Brand Summit, is headquartered in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, South African. With four regional coordinating centres across the African continent, ETHICORE and its subsidiary, Africa Government Affairs Xchange (AfricaGX) boasts rising coverage upwards of 24 African markets.

Domiciled in Jordan, BMC has a footprint across markets in the Levant, including Iraq, Jordan and Palestine, extending to Doha, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman and United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.

The CEOs of both firms – Abdul Waheed Patel and Bashir Mraish, announced and formalised the partnership at a signing ceremony, held in the Jordanian capital of Amman on 11 September 2022. The occasion was attended by the South African Ambassador to Jordan, His Excellency Mr. Ebrahim Saley.

By combining forces, the firms will leverage each other’s distinct capabilities and expertise in their respective regions and markets, providing clientele across the Africa-Levant nexus with a uniquely integrated public affairs and strategic communications service offering of the highest quality. This includes bespoke new public affairs and strategic communications products and solutions catering to the nuances of supporting African and global clientele doing business in the Levant and Levant clientele in African markets.

Notably, the partnership establishes a reciprocal protocol through which:

  1. ETHICORE’s regional centre for government and public affairs services for the Levant seamlessly integrates BMC’s market presence, strategic communications and public relations capabilities.
  2. BMC’s reach into Sub-Saharan African markets leverages ETHICORE’s pan African expertise, footprint and capabilities.

Announcing the partnership and alliance, ETHICORE CEO and founder Abdul Waheed Patel said:

“This partnership creates a distinct African-Levant value proposition. Establishing ETHICORE’s Levant regional centre continues our organic growth and expansion as a truly African and Middle East firm. The opportunities and dynamism of the markets in the Levant region, requires impeccable know-how, understanding and insights of local and regional socio-economic and geo-political factors. This includes diverse socio-cultural nuances, customs, norms and languages. We are proud to partner with BMC as a recognised, trusted and sought after partner of its calibre and professionalism in the Levant.”

From left to right: Bashir Mraish (Founder & CEO of BMC), and Abdul Waheed Patel (CEO of ETHICORE)

BMC Founder & CEO Bashir Mraish commented on this occasion:

“We are proud to partner with ETHICORE  as one of the leading  public policy, government relations and public affairs firms in Africa to expand the offering of such services in our region, as the demand now on these services and especially professional advocacy and lobbying is stronger than ever and this is evident by increasing the breadth of our practice areas and growth in our professional staff.”

“It is a privilege for us to be presenting ETHICORE services in the region and offering them our services as well to the African continent , as we feel that this partnership will excel and find a great response from our clientele in both regions” added Mraish.

The alliance is the culmination of well-established business linkages and a shared professional ethos. Both firms are committed to ensuring that realising the full potential of this coalition of forces catalyses shared success and contributes positively to the realisation of developmental progress for the African and Levant regions, its economies and people.

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